Along with Johnnie Walker Blue Label, I was lucky to host a handful of friends at my very first THE SUIT LEAGUE Black Tie Dinner. For the global unveiling of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare Port Ellen, the event featured a whisky tasting with Johnnie Walker Brand Ambassador Steven Lasner and an exclusive dinner.

Special thanks to Mousse T., Adrian Can, Gitta Saxx, Sebastian Höffner, John Jürgens, Beatrice L. Graf (, Jörn Kengelbach (Editor-in-Chief Robb Report Germany), Patrick Pendiuk (, Corinna Beckmann (Playboy), Celebrity Stylist Lale Aktay, Valerie Christin Porat (Cosmopolitan) and many more for attending my dinner!

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare Port Ellen is the second in a series of special releases crafted using irreplaceable “ghost” whiskies and other incredibly rare whiskies from the Johnnie Walker Blue Label reserves. At the heart of this limited edition lies the highly sought-after Islay single malt, Port Ellen – a ‘ghost’ distillery that shut its doors in 1983.

│Adrian Can, Michael Christian Meyer, Mousse T.│

│Adrian Can, Michael Christian Meyer│

│Steven Lasner (Johnnie Walker Brand Ambassador)│

│Adrian Can, Michael Christian Meyer, Mousse T.│

│Sebastian Höffner│

│Mousse T., John Jürgens│

│Gitta Saxx, Michael Christian Meyer│

│Michael Christian Meyer, Jörn Kengelbach (Editor-in-Chief Robb Report Germany)│

│Michael Christian Meyer, Corinna Beckmann (Playboy), Lale Aktay (Celebrity Stylist), Patrick Pendiuk (, Sebastian Höffner│

│Michael Christian Meyer, Beatrice L. Graf (│

│Tina Timm (Johnnie Walker), Adrian Can│

│Michael Christian Meyer, Lale Aktay│

│Michael Christian Meyer, Luca Rossi (Barber & Influencer), Jasmin Weber (THE LUXURY CONSULTANT)│

│Werner Lindinger (Record Producer), Michael Christian Meyer, Rainer Jilg│

│Steven Lasner (Johnnie Walker Brand Ambassador), Thomas Plaue (Whisky Expert)│

│Valerie Christin Porath (Cosmopolitan)│

│DJ Amar Pure│

Photos: ©Fabian Vogl

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