2018 was a very big year for THE SUIT LEAGUE. The types of content, engagement, and readership grew immensely. I introduced new video series, collaborated with many amazing brands, traveled a ton, and took on some editorial projects that couldn’t have been more rewarding.

As I reflect on the year that was, I’m reminded of how lucky I am to be able to communicate with you all on a regular basis. I’m grateful to all my readers and eternally thankful for the team that I have behind me.

For the past two years, I’ve created a year-in-review featuring the most popular posts on THE SUIT LEAGUE. I’m keeping with the tradition for 2018 because it’s always fun to remember the incredible things that were created in the span of 365 days.

Here are THE SUIT LEAGUE’s top 12 most popular posts of 2018:

12. The 13th Annual Eggentaler Herbst Classic Car Rally

11. First Class Diaries

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10. Walk in the Footsteps of James Bond

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9. My dinner with Richard Geoffroy and Dom Pérignon’s new chief winemaker Vincent Chaperon

8. My first Cover Shoot

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7. Pop-Up Summer Studio in Porto Cervo Curated by Rolls-Royce

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6. Awarded for Best Influencer Male

5. Flying in Style with Lufthansa Private Jet

4. My Guide to Living the Luxury Life in Dubai

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3. Strolling the streets of Beijing with Breitling

2. Snow Polo World Cup 2018 with NetJets

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1. THE SUIT LEAGUE & Johnnie Walker’s Black Tie Dinner Party

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Thank you for reading, sharing, your likes, emails and comments (all year long)!

Happy New Year, everyone!